For Healthcare Professionals

Welcome to ADL – Aids for Daily Living, Inc.! As a Joint Commission healthcare organization in its 23rd year of business, we truly have only one mission – take care of your patients. Yes, ADL’s case managers are experts at funding, coding, product choice and ensuring timely delivery of medical products, but we are also experts at communicating. Communication with you, our valued Healthcare Professional, and the patients you entrust us with, is our over-arching goal.

Our Process and Care Plan for your patients:

  1. ADL is contracted with Medi-Cal and most Medi-Cal Managed Care Organizations, Medicare, Commercial Carriers, California Children Services, Regional Centers and more. ADL understands what each funding source requires; what that funding source is prepared to cover and allow, and most importantly, what documentation is necessary to ensure that the patient receives what has been prescribed. Our priority is to inform you, the Healthcare Professional, along with the patient, three key pieces of information: One, is ADL contracted with your patient’s insurance, two, will the insurance(s) cover the prescribed item(s), and three, what out-of-pocket or co-pay, if any, would your patient be responsible for. This is clearly understood prior to dispensing any prescribed products.
  2. After ADL receives the initial patient referral our Case Management team will go to work creating an electronic, HIPAA-compliant patient file – including the doctor’s order and any clinical reports or exams relevant to the product(s) being requested. If there is something missing, or additional documentation the insurance carrier requires, our Case Manager will promptly make contact with your office to request those additional documents.
  3. The patient is then contacted via telephone by their assigned Case Manager where all pertinent details regarding our company, the referral your office has made on their behalf and when they can expect to receive the products prescribed, are discussed. All required documents and information regarding ADL are electronically sent and retrieved from the patient via VerbalCare®, a HIPAA compliant communication platform. VerbalCare® uses a free app for our mutual patients that allows them to utilize their smartphone or tablet to complete and sign ADL documents, send and receive vital healthcare messages and send images, such as updated insurance cards.
  4. Any on-going medical supply orders are set to a schedule, confirmed by communication with the patient via VerbalCare® and electronically transferred to our Fulfillment Center, where confirmation of the order is instantaneously uploaded into our system. With warehouses throughout the state and country, your patient’s much needed medical supplies will typically arrive within 24 to 48 hours upon patient authorization.
  5. Throughout the process is continuous communication with you, our valued Healthcare Professional and our mutual patient. It has always remained ADL’s philosophy that the receiving of much-need medical supplies be the least of our customer’s worries.